Top 3 Reasons Buyers Seek Lease Purchase Homes in GA

Choosing lease purchase homes in Savannah, GAAre you considering lease purchase homes in GA?

This beautiful state has much to offer, from a good economy to great weather and even plenty of culture. However, you may not be sure this is the right place for you to relocate. Here is a look at three of the top reasons that buyers are seeking rent to own homes in the state of Georgia.

Reason #1 – Reasonable Home Prices

One reason that buyers are seeking lease purchase homes in GA is reasonable home prices. The market is full of properties in Georgia and falling prices have left prices quite reasonable. Not only can reasonable prices be found, but buyers can find many non-traditional purchasing options available as well.

Reason #2 – Recent Job Growth

Recent job growth is another of the top reasons that buyers are so interested in rent to own homes within this state. For some time, Georgia has had a higher than average unemployment rate. However, recent numbers are showing the creation of a significant number of new jobs, helping to lower the unemployment rate. The ability to find a good job is important, which is why job growth is such a big reason that lease purchase homes in GA are becoming quite popular.

Reason #3 – Diverse Economy

The diverse economy also is attractive to those looking for rent to own homes. Georgia has an economy that includes tourism, industry and commerce. A variety of Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Georgia, which helps boost the local economy.

Lease purchase homes in GA are highly sought after right now. With reasonable home prices, recent job growth and a diverse economy, it’s definitely easy to see why.


Hurricane Sandy impacts HUD Homes

The federal government is currently in the midst of an extensive relief effort to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, particularly those who have been forced to evacuate or abandon their homes. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has already announced housing foreclosure protection for the Hurricane Sandy victims in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, which were all hit particularly hard. FEMA has put together a Housing Portal helping families locating local rental units, since such an unfortunate number of families have been forced from their homes and are in need of a place to live as soon as possible. The Housing Portal will make it easier for homeowners to search for new options, but they have many other potential resources at their disposal, and should not lose hope.

Families affected by Hurricane Sandy should know that there might be an influx of HUD homes for sale in the wake of the disaster and governmental attempts to help the victims. These HUD homes will likely be houses that were vacant for long periods of time, or free as a result of foreclosures. Homeowners interested in seeing what HUD houses are available or HUD homes for sale should visit RealtyStore as a resource. They can also investigate local housing listings online for HUD homes in specific areas. After searching for and identifying good choices for their own HUD houses, homeowners should then evaluate their credit history. Most credit issues can be addressed, and buying government foreclosures is a better option for people with credit history problems. Homeowners can also look into loans and other potential options for financing HUD houses. They have many options available, and HUD favors those who have other associated hardships, in addition to unpredictable, unpreventable situations like Hurricane Sandy.