Is Your Retirement Home one of the FSBO Homes in Florida?

Living the Good Life in Florida

Even those in their twenties will benefit by thinking of a retirement home and taking advantage of FSBO homes in Florida now. There has always been a large migration of people of any age to Florida, where housing is great and locations are wonderful. Beaches are nearby many cities and some cities actually run along the edge of the water, such as Clearwater Beach. The white sand and blue waters provide recreation, even if it is just relaxing on the beach.

Culture and Geography of Florida

You can encounter FSBO homes in Florida that have their own small citrus orchard or sandy beaches in the back as you look out towards the sunset over the ocean from your patio. The Cuban culture provides yet one more unique and tasty type of cuisine. The golfing culture is preeminent in Florida, with many housing developments built along the multitudes of courses.

Find Variety in Homes in Florida

It is hard to believe that as of the writing date for this article, there were 14,556 Florida homes for sale by owner, according to the statistics at, in some of the most popular areas of the state like Miami, Tampa and Cape Coral. Even more interesting is where the most FSBO ZIP codes appear, such as 32413, 33160 and 32456. FSBO homes in Florida feature amazing mansions with gigantic pools and cozy stucco homes in family neighborhoods.

Great Things to do in Florida

Senior Citizen Centers are located in nearly every town and city of Florida, but there is plenty to do for everyone in this state. The Florida Seminoles bought the Hard Rock Café businesses and have two large casinos in the state, one in Tampa and the other in Hollywood, FL, providing entertainment and 24-hour excitement. Orlando hosts the impressive Walt Disney World Resort, including Epcot Center and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Fine dining and excellent golfing add to the perfection of Florida.


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