Top Reasons Consumers are Deciding on Cheap Houses for Rent in Cleveland TN

Currently, renting has become a popular housing option, with the past couple of years seeing big increases in the rental market. While many properties are up for sale in the Cleveland, Tennessee area, many consumers are deciding to rent instead of making the commitment to purchase a home right now. Cheap houses for rent in Cleveland TN abound, which is why this option has become such a prevalent choice. The following are just a few of the big reasons that consumers are going the route of cheap houses for rent in Cleveland TN instead of realizing their dream of home ownership.

Reason #1 – Renting Requires Less Upfront Cash

Rent a home requires a lot less upfront cash than actually purchasing a home, which is no doubt one of the big factors holding consumers back from making a home purchase. Consumers that decide on cheap houses for rent in Cleveland TN only have to pay general upfront costs for renting a home, such as a security deposit and first and last month’s rent. When purchasing a home, the cost of a down payment can be quite steep, especially right now when many lenders require a large percentage of the purchase price down. Many prospective homebuyers don’t have thousands of dollars to put down on a home, which often pushes them towards renting a home.

Reason #2 – Lending Requirements are Currently Tough

Lending requirements are currently very tough, which pushes many consumers to look for cheap houses for rent in Cleveland TN instead of buying a new home. The collapse of the housing market and the economic downturn has made it hard for consumers to acquire a mortgage, since many lenders are a bit leery of lending in the current economy. If homebuyers cannot get a mortgage, it takes many traditional forms of home buying off the table.

Historic Opera House in Cleveland TNReason #3 – Low Credit Score

The economy has hit many families hard, which has resulted in a low credit score for many consumers trying to recover financially. Since lending is already tough to acquire, it’s almost impossible to find good home mortgages for those with bad credit. Although credit can affect the ability to rent a home, many property owners are willing to rent to those with a low credit score, since it’s such a common problem right now. Consumers with a low credit score often feel that they need more time to get their finances and credit in order before trying to turn a home, which Is why they turn to cheap houses for rent in Cleveland TN instead of pursuing the buying option.

Reason #4 – Fear of Home Depreciation

Many homeowners today are facing upside down mortgages because of the significant home depreciation that has occurred. Some prospective homebuyers fear home depreciation and are afraid to buy right now in case home values continue to plummet.

It’s easy to see why cheap homes for rent in Cleveland TN have become such a prevalent choice today. However, many consumers are unaware of the ability to find rent to own houses in the area. The rent to own option allows prospective homebuyers to enjoy many of the benefits that come along with renting. However, they have the ability to purchase the home at the end of the rental period. This allows potential homebuyers to save up cash for a down payment, raise their credit score and find a good home mortgage. They also have the benefit of locking in today’s prices on the home, which can help them enjoy quick appreciate on the home after the final purchase is made.


Finding New Foreclosure Listings Feels Like a Game of “Hide and Seek”

Trying to find foreclosure listings right now almost feels like a bad game of “Hide and Seek” for many homebuyers. They are attractive options to many homebuyers because they offer a budget friendly way for many buyers to acquire a home without having to go through the traditional home buying process. However, since it’s so tough to find these bank foreclosure properties right now, many homebuyers are turning away from this method of buying since it seems so discouraging.

foreclosure listings are shrinking

Since foreclosure listings seem to have disappeared into thin air, some buyers are wondering if the foreclosure crisis is over. Are foreclosures still a viable nontraditional alternative for purchasing a home? Currently, foreclosures continue to occur on a regular basis and they still can provide an excellent home buying method. The key is for buyers to learn why these listings have disappeared and where they can find good listings for bank foreclosure properties.

Helping homebuyers solve this problem is This website provides helpful listings that encompass many property types, including short sales, rent to own homes and more. is also an excellent resource that buyers can use to find bank foreclosure property listings.

Although it’s tough to find foreclosure listings on the web and in local papers, has a full database of listings that buyers can search through to find the perfect property for their home buying needs. Instead of playing “Hide and Seek” trying to find listings in other locations, homebuyers can use the helpful database offered by, complete with a search engine that makes it easy to find local listings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Short Sale in NJ

Homebuyers interested in buying a home in New Jersey may want to consider the purchase of a short sale. After all, when it comes to a short sale NJ is following the same trends seen across the nation, with many lenders happier to work with buyers to avoid the cost of a foreclosure. When considering short sales in New Jersey, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

Top Advantages to Consider

Short sales in New JerseyRegarding a short sale NJ has many advantages to offer homebuyers today. One advantage of choosing this buying route is ability to purchase these homes far below current market value. While the lender will have to decide on the price they will accept, most sale prices are significantly lower than the value of the home, allowing buyers to enjoy buying more home for their money.

Another advantage of short sales is that they come with disclosure protection, which can be helpful to buyers. When purchasing foreclosure, disclosures on the home are not provided, which leaves buyers unaware of potential issues. Buyers don’t have this problem with a short sale.

Of course, when considering a short sale NJ offers some very specific benefits to buyers. Unemployment is going down, the median income in New Jersey is quite high and the climate offers a warm summer and cold winters.

A Few Disadvantages

On the other hand, a few disadvantages must be considered before purchasing a short sale. Although New Jersey offers many benefits to those relocating to the area, when it comes to buying a short sale NJ has the disadvantage of recent job losses. Unemployment rates are still falling, but the area has lost some jobs as well. Specific to the short sale, buyer delays can be a big disadvantage to consider, since the bank has to deliberate before the transaction can go through. Negotiation challenges and higher risks are disadvantages that must also be contemplated before deciding to go this purchasing route.

Top 3 Reasons Buyers Seek Lease Purchase Homes in GA

Choosing lease purchase homes in Savannah, GAAre you considering lease purchase homes in GA?

This beautiful state has much to offer, from a good economy to great weather and even plenty of culture. However, you may not be sure this is the right place for you to relocate. Here is a look at three of the top reasons that buyers are seeking rent to own homes in the state of Georgia.

Reason #1 – Reasonable Home Prices

One reason that buyers are seeking lease purchase homes in GA is reasonable home prices. The market is full of properties in Georgia and falling prices have left prices quite reasonable. Not only can reasonable prices be found, but buyers can find many non-traditional purchasing options available as well.

Reason #2 – Recent Job Growth

Recent job growth is another of the top reasons that buyers are so interested in rent to own homes within this state. For some time, Georgia has had a higher than average unemployment rate. However, recent numbers are showing the creation of a significant number of new jobs, helping to lower the unemployment rate. The ability to find a good job is important, which is why job growth is such a big reason that lease purchase homes in GA are becoming quite popular.

Reason #3 – Diverse Economy

The diverse economy also is attractive to those looking for rent to own homes. Georgia has an economy that includes tourism, industry and commerce. A variety of Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Georgia, which helps boost the local economy.

Lease purchase homes in GA are highly sought after right now. With reasonable home prices, recent job growth and a diverse economy, it’s definitely easy to see why.

Hurricane Sandy impacts HUD Homes

The federal government is currently in the midst of an extensive relief effort to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, particularly those who have been forced to evacuate or abandon their homes. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has already announced housing foreclosure protection for the Hurricane Sandy victims in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, which were all hit particularly hard. FEMA has put together a Housing Portal helping families locating local rental units, since such an unfortunate number of families have been forced from their homes and are in need of a place to live as soon as possible. The Housing Portal will make it easier for homeowners to search for new options, but they have many other potential resources at their disposal, and should not lose hope.

Families affected by Hurricane Sandy should know that there might be an influx of HUD homes for sale in the wake of the disaster and governmental attempts to help the victims. These HUD homes will likely be houses that were vacant for long periods of time, or free as a result of foreclosures. Homeowners interested in seeing what HUD houses are available or HUD homes for sale should visit RealtyStore as a resource. They can also investigate local housing listings online for HUD homes in specific areas. After searching for and identifying good choices for their own HUD houses, homeowners should then evaluate their credit history. Most credit issues can be addressed, and buying government foreclosures is a better option for people with credit history problems. Homeowners can also look into loans and other potential options for financing HUD houses. They have many options available, and HUD favors those who have other associated hardships, in addition to unpredictable, unpreventable situations like Hurricane Sandy.

HUD Foreclosures in Current Market

HUD Homes are nothing new. In fact they have existed on the market as soon as the concept of foreclosures came about. There is a new concept in the works called the Distressed Asset Stabilization Program. This program works with HUD and FHA to sell defaulted single family mortgages. When a property is foreclosed but sits vacant it means the bank is holding on to a property that is not earning any more. It is difficult for the banks to continue this for a long period of time especially when there are so many HUD homes.

Buying HUD homes: The state of the market

Currently the market is seeing a lot of momentum. There are more buyers out there trying to find affordable mortgages and homes they can purchase. With the high number of HUD homes on the market it is easier for the buyer to find something they can afford. Banks are trying to avoid unnecessary foreclosures though. They are looking to stabilize the market even more by increasing the number of loans they have available for investors to purchase. An investor could purchase a home and its mortgage allowing the property to be rented, thus saving on the amount of HUD homes available on the market.

Why Home Buyers can benefit from HUD Homes

Home buyers can benefit from HUD homes even if they are not investors. This type of home is on its way to foreclosure. It means the home is going to be up for auction soon. If a buyer needs a deal HUD homes can provide it. They are often sold in a short sale meaning the cost of the home is significantly lower than the value. It is easier to get a loan when the value is proven to be higher than the necessary mortgage.

Affordability is one reason to consider buying HUD homes. Another is the state of the home. Many of these homes have been damaged or at least need some repairs. Sometimes when the defaulting owner moves out they take everything including the kitchen sink. At a significantly lower cost HUD homes can be decorated in the way the home buyer wants. offers more information about HUD Homes and provides the current foreclosure listings in your area. Every state has foreclosures right now where some have more than others, making it possible for you to find an affordable new home for your budget.

Is Your Retirement Home one of the FSBO Homes in Florida?

Living the Good Life in Florida

Even those in their twenties will benefit by thinking of a retirement home and taking advantage of FSBO homes in Florida now. There has always been a large migration of people of any age to Florida, where housing is great and locations are wonderful. Beaches are nearby many cities and some cities actually run along the edge of the water, such as Clearwater Beach. The white sand and blue waters provide recreation, even if it is just relaxing on the beach.

Culture and Geography of Florida

You can encounter FSBO homes in Florida that have their own small citrus orchard or sandy beaches in the back as you look out towards the sunset over the ocean from your patio. The Cuban culture provides yet one more unique and tasty type of cuisine. The golfing culture is preeminent in Florida, with many housing developments built along the multitudes of courses.

Find Variety in Homes in Florida

It is hard to believe that as of the writing date for this article, there were 14,556 Florida homes for sale by owner, according to the statistics at, in some of the most popular areas of the state like Miami, Tampa and Cape Coral. Even more interesting is where the most FSBO ZIP codes appear, such as 32413, 33160 and 32456. FSBO homes in Florida feature amazing mansions with gigantic pools and cozy stucco homes in family neighborhoods.

Great Things to do in Florida

Senior Citizen Centers are located in nearly every town and city of Florida, but there is plenty to do for everyone in this state. The Florida Seminoles bought the Hard Rock Café businesses and have two large casinos in the state, one in Tampa and the other in Hollywood, FL, providing entertainment and 24-hour excitement. Orlando hosts the impressive Walt Disney World Resort, including Epcot Center and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Fine dining and excellent golfing add to the perfection of Florida.